Sublime Brewing Company

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The plan to create Sublime Brewing Company was hatched on one of the most beautiful lakes in NH, Squam Lake. As Dave and I enjoyed an evening with our families on the lake and sipped a delicious home brew; the topic of creating a unique place, experience and beer in Plymouth, NH began. The idea was initially shrugged off as just another homebrew pipe dream. In the span of 30 seconds, obstacles such as money and time started to impact our dream. Our idea hung dead in the water. We sat quietly thinking while watching our families splash and play. At the same time we said, “Why not?”. “Why can’t we create something for ourselves to enjoy and for our entire community?” On that warm summer night we decided to move forward and create Sublime Brewing Company.

Sublime Brewing Company’s mission is to create hand crafted small batch artisian beer. We are located in the beautiful town of Plymouth NH. We strive to produce unique full flavored beers with special attention on quality and repeatability. We focus on unique flavor, freshness of ingredients, and incorporating local ingredients when possible. Our brewers and co­owners Greg Aprilliano and Dave Sanborn are on a continual quest to craft the perfect experience through the creation of the perfect pint. We have begun by producing Sublime Brewing Company’s signature IPA. This is a unique IPA experience falling somewhere in the middle of the east coast and west coast IPA continuum. Where on that continuum exactly? We will leave that up to you to decide.


Greg & Dave